PerfWeb 83 (4 days event) – 22/25 Aug


Day 1-  Fireside Chat – Disasters in the OR resulting in lawsuits

Accidents in the cardiac surgery suite are uncommon. However, when they do occur, they usually have devastating outcomes. What can we learn from the mistakes of others.


Day 2 – Fireside Chat – The future of organ procurement.

Matt Warhoover, CCP discusses Vanderbilt University organ procurement program.


Day 3 –Journal Club – Normothermic regional perfusion in donor heart recovery

Normothermic regional perfusion in donor heart recovery: Establishing a new normal.


Day 4 – Mastering Differential Hypoxemia – V-A ECMO

Differential hypoxemia on V-A ECMO is a devastating complication. Learn what it is, how it occurs and how to avoid and correct it.


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