PerfWeb 78 (3 days event) – 15/17 March


Day 1—Air, Inflammation and Biocompatibility

Tammy discusses the blood air interface, common to cardiopulmonary bypass and how this initiates the inflammatory cascade. Tammy also discusses biocompatible surfaces and how these attenuate the inflammatory cascade.


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Day 2 –Urine output on CPB; When is enough, enough?

John discusses how renal blood flow and urine production is affected by cardiopulmonary bypass, inflammatory processes and disease states. John discusses the use of urine output as a measure of renal function.

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Day 3 –Does Ultrafiltration Reduce Urine Output on CPB; What is the Evidence?

Joe discusses the evidence to try and answer the question: Does ultrafiltration on CPB reduce urine output on CPB or contribute to post op AKI.

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