PerfWeb 75 (5 days event)


Day 1— Cytosorb® hemoadsorption of apixaban during emergent cardio-pulmonary bypass

Tammy Sparacino, CCP describes the latest peer reviewed publications on the Cytosorb hemoadsorption technology.


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Day 2 – Journal Club – Measuring recirculation in your ECMO | How to read X rays – CTs – and ECHO’s

Measuring recirculation in your ECMO circuit: Why and How? How to read X rays – CTs – and ECHO’s for the perfusionist and ECMO specialist.

Joe will discuss the importance of recirculation in your VV ECMO cannulation and how to accurately measure it.

Dr. Duvall will do a step by step instruction on reading X-Rays, CTs and ECHOs for the perfusionist, ECMO specialist or critical care nurse. Evaluating cannula position, pneumothoraces, and general understanding of imaging of the thoracic spaces.


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Day 3 – Vanderbilt University Forum – Resource utilization: What we learned from COVID

Matt Warhoover, CCP discusses how to manage resources in a high resource need situation, like the COVID pandemic.


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Day 4 – Knowledge Nuggets – Septic Shock

John Ingram, CCP discusses septic shock, its cause, its treatment options and its mortality.



Day 5 – PerfWeb – ECMO clinical scenarios

Joe Basha, CCP describes a variety of ECMO clinical scenarios.


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